Class YMKMasstransitJamUtils

Class Methods

+ applyJamStyleWithPolyline:style:

Applies the traffic style.

+ createDefaultJamStyle

Creates a default traffic style.

+ createDisabledJamStyle

Creates a style for disabled traffic.

+ createRoutePainter

Method Detail


+ (void)applyJamStyleWithPolyline:(nonnull YMKColoredPolylineMapObject *)polyline
                            style:(nonnull YMKMasstransitJamStyle *)style 

Applies the traffic style.

Updates colors for traffic types provided in the style parameter. The default color is 0xffffffff.The method calls only the following polyline methods: - setPaletteColor


+ (nonnull YMKMasstransitJamStyle *)createDefaultJamStyle

Creates a default traffic style.

Default values: colors : Unknown : 0xccccccff, Blocked : 0x000000ff, Free : 0x38c724ff, Light : 0xf8dd40ff, Hard : 0xfa5728ff, VeryHard : 0xac3818ff,


+ (nonnull YMKMasstransitJamStyle *)createDisabledJamStyle

Creates a style for disabled traffic.

Colors : Unknown : 0x6756edff, Blocked : 0x6756edff, Free : 0x6756edff, Light : 0x6756edff, Hard : 0x6756edff, VeryHard : 0x6756edff,


+ (nonnull YMKMasstransitRoutePainter *)createRoutePainter